Tournament Nutrition Guide


One of the most challenging times to fuel is during tournament and big competition days. The RBSN Tournament Nutrition Guide is your go to guide to reduce stress around food options and increases your confidence & performance on game day!

What is Included in the Tournament Nutrition Guide?

Over 50+ pages of sports nutrition guidance and recommendations on how to fuel during tournaments, competitions, and games. You’ll learn about

    • How to fuel with Game Day Performance Plates
    • What to eat and when during game day
    • Learn more about nutrients to prioritize on Game Day
    • What to eat before a game to maximize energy levels and decrease bloating
    • How to maximize recovery after your game
    • What snacks to pack during Game Day
    • Nutrition tips for air travel
    • Game Day hydration
    • Picking out Sports Dietitian approved meals on the go
    • Grocery Store List
    • Example Tournament Nutrition Timelines

What to Expect in the Tournament Nutrition Guide

This Tournament Nutrition Guide is virtual You will gain access to the your copy of the guide and instructions how to utilize it through our virtual platform.

Along with 50+ pages of sports nutrition resources, you will also gain access to our private RBSN community when you purchase the Tournament Nutrition Guide.

You'll receive

  • Live Support from┬áthe RBSN team through a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and gain advice from the RBSN team
  • Monthly Q&A with Reilly and RBSN team
  • Private Podcast Episodes with other sports dietitians and sports professionals

Ready to start feeling confident on Game Day?