Our Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Nutrition coaching programs combine on-demand resources and live coaching to help you meet your nutrition goals.

“The PFC program was great! Everything and more was accomplished during all sessions. I started with Reilly since I was cramping during every game. I was able to stop the cramps and learn how to take better care of myself.

I feel like I care more about how I treat myself and I now know how to help myself grow.

Reilly is a great mentor and guide to success!”

– Paige C. (ECNL Athlete, Sports Nutrition Coaching)

“I reached out to Reilly and asked her to help me with my meal plan and I could not be happier that I did! What I have found difficult in the past is to find nutritionists that also know what it means to play a sport at a high level (like Reilly). Not only did she make me an amazing meal plan, but she also gave me different meal recommendations and different snack options which was exactly what I needed. I can already see the differences on and off the field. I recommend everyone reaching out to her!”

– Nazmi A. (Pro Athlete, Sports Nutrition Coaching)

“I absolutely loved working with Reilly. For me this was more than learning to fuel for performance, it was also learning a new mindset around food which made me feel healthy and strong while still enjoying everything I loved (eating dessert, eating out here and there, having fun food on holidays and special occasions). I came to learn what foods and ways of eating make me feel better as an athlete and a person.

I loved that we focused on food as fuel and looked at the ratios for plates rather than strict numbers and calories. It was fun learning how to structure eating around workouts. By the end of the program I wasn’t worried about calories anymore and able to enjoy foods to fuel performance and desserts/other treats when I wanted them!

Reilly’s constant support meant the world to me and her genuine excitement every time we had a check-in was a great motivator. She gave me the tools I need for success on my own going forward, and confidence to overcome a highly-restrictive mindset around food which I had been fighting for years. I will always be grateful for this experience and I consider Reilly a friend who I’m going to continue following on Instagram and keeping up with. Everyone needs someone like Reilly in their corner. So much love for her!”

– Liv Y. (College Athlete, Sports Nutrition Coaching)

Athletes of All Levels Meet their Goals with Easy & Simple Nutrition

“I had never really dug into nutrition and fueling education before working with Reilly.  She helped me gain more confidence on and off the field, especially prepping for summer tournaments and my college season. I would definitely recommend her because she took my game to a new level. Thank you so much!!!”   

– Bella M. (Sports Nutrition Coaching)

I am a lot more confident in my fueling after working in this program. One of my biggest wins is I can go out to eat now without feeling nervous, and I am getting better at facing different fear foods. I am becoming stronger and faster in my running. I have become much more confident in my body since we started working together.

Kristen A. (Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching)


“Reilly is my go-to for any food and nutrition advice. She genuinely cares about helping you and has so much knowledge in her field. She is always providing me with essential long-lasting tips for a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend her to anyone I know!” 

– Molly A. (Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching)

Our clients use simple nutrition to increase energy levels, meet body comp goals, & maximize performance!

I have had the best experience! Both the one-on-one calls and the PFC program have helped me so much by giving me a clearer and better understanding of fueling. I feel a lot more confident physically and mentally and I have noticed a lot of improvement in my running and lifting. 

I absolutely love working together! I feel like I can ask any and all questions that I have. You are so supportive but also push me to become even better! I feel understood and boosted to keep facing my fears.

My life has become so much better after working with Reilly. Working with Reilly is one of the best things I have ever done!!

 Caroline D. (Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching)

I used to feel hungry 24/7 and Reilly fixed that. I no longer am constantly focused on food. I also have a much healthier relationship with my body and body composition through focusing on fueling for performance instead of being worried about diet culture. I feel so much more confident in my fueling choices than I ever could have imagined! And all that with eating so much more than before I worked with her.

– Kira B. (Endurance Athlete, Sports Nutrition Coaching)

When I go get meals, I have an idea of what I should be eating and it’s much easier to make meals, especially in college life. Because of PFC my nutrition is much better and I feel a lot better, especially in the field and in general!!!!!

All athletes should absolutely do this program! It completely changed my life!

– Megan L. (College Athlete, Sports Nutrition Coaching)