How You Can Partner with RBSN

Through the Performance Fueling Club, RBSN partners with clubs, teams, and athletic departments to provide athletes with easy, realistic, and simple nutrition.

Book a call today and we will come with an individualized partnership plan to bring nutrition services to your athletes. 

Current & Past Teams Worked With

What Your Athletes Can Get with Performance FC

Virtual Resources

Wondering how you can provide sports dietitian resources and help to all of your student athletes at an affordable price?

The RBSN team has a variety of online and customizable dietitian built resources  for athletes accessible both on the computer and phone.

Clubs, teams and universities have the option to sign up for an individual program exclusive for their student athletes.

1:1 Support

  • 1:1 appointments for high-risk athletes
  • Policy Development
  • Fueling Stations & Training Tables
  • Educational calls with coaches, S&C and Sports Medicine Staff
  • Travel Menus & Restaurant

Team Talks

The RBSN team is available to present nutrition talks for teams and clubs. Some of the topics that are commonly requested are

  • General Sports Nutrition
  • Pre/post workout
  • Pre-season
  • Travel Nutrition and menu support
  • Off-season fueling & Body composition
  • Race/competition day fueling

Travel & Competition Day Support

Do your athletes need help with eating on the road?  Many athlete have difficulty eating at tournaments, away games and showcases. 

Traveling is part of life as an athlete and having a qualified sports RD assist with scheduling and meal planning can make a big difference in athlete’s performance.

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We will work with you to develop a customized partnership to deliver free and discounted resources to your athletes. Our customized programs cost $0 to the organization.

“Meeting Reilly and seeing her work with her athletes has redefined my idea of what a sport dietician is. She is a mentor in health for the athlete. She listens to the goal of the individual and treats them like a whole person. Their mental and physical health are just as important. Going through her program an athlete will feel empowered to understand why they need to fuel correctly to maximize performance and how they can make adjustments to their food intake with simple changes in their daily life. She mentors with positivity and a growth mindset so all athletes feel comfortable taken care of and are proud of their development. She has transformed many of my athletes and taken their performance to the next level! Signing up with Reilly’s program will take your game to another level.” 

– NWSL Assistant Coach


I first met Reilly awhile back to set up a plan for offseason. I am now about 9 weeks into my weight training program, and I have gained 8.8 lbs. I am very happy with my results and am feeling stronger and more confident in my body! 

CSUF Womens Soccer Player