Supplement Review Program


Confused on what supplements to take or if you supplements are safe?

What is Included in the Supplement Review Program?

  • Review of 3 supplements for safety, efficacy, and effectiveness
  • Individualized supplement protocol and recommendations based on your goals and current supplement usage
  • Educational supplement guide over 25+ supplements

What to Expect in the Supplement Review Program!

All of the resources in the Supplement Program are virtual. You will gain access to your supplement protocol and supplement guide through our virtual platform.

Along your supplement review and protocol, you will also gain access to our private RBSN community when you purchase the Supplement Review Program.

You'll receive

  • Live Support from┬áthe RBSN team through a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and gain advice from the RBSN team
  • Monthly Q&A with Reilly and RBSN team
  • Private Podcast Episodes on topics related to sports nutrition, business, social media, building and leading an athletic department.

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