Becoming Pro Summer Intensive

To reach your goals on the field, you know you have to start prioritizing your nutrition off the field.

A program designed for athletes that want to learn how to fuel their properly, feel confident on/off the field and gain the competitive edge this summer using simple and intuitive nutrition.

By learning how to eat properly, you will be able to maximize your performance on and off the field.  Whether your next step is college or a new club team, proper fueling will help you get there. This summer is the perfect time to get started.

I am currently accepting new athletes for my next program round starting on June 15, 2021.

– Kristiane

“Working with Reilly was honestly perfect. Before working with her, I had such bad body-image, insecurities and how greatly affected all areas of my performance. I always wanted to keep changing my body and hold in all my feelings. I ultimately lost my period and almost everything else that came with it. 

I felt like I could be super vulnerable with Reilly and I decided I was going to take a leap of faith to increase my energy intake to get my period back. Initially it was so hard. There were lots of moments of happiness and sadness, but it feels so good on the other side. It wasn’t just my athletic performance that improved, my overall quality of life significantly improved. I had the energy to invest in all the other things I loved as well as invest in myself because I began to love myself.”

Do You Want Too..?


  • Eliminate confusion and frustration by following science-backed information specialized for soccer players
  • Confidently build your own individualized fueling plan that sets your fueling foundation
  • Fuel to become a stronger, more fiercer and powerful player on the field
  • Learn how to fuel before and after training to maximize your energy levels
  • Confidently navigate fuel on practice vs game days
  • No longer have to guess what to eat before a big game
  • Be free from guilt for giving your body the nutrients it needs

Well, this summer you can! I am so excited that you are here and ready to become a better player. 

“I had never really dug into nutrition and fueling education before working with Reilly. She helped me gain more confidence on and off the court, especially prepping
for summer tournaments. I would definitely recommend her because she took
my game to a new level. Thank you so much!!!

– Bella

* A stock photo was used here to protect Bella’s privacy

What's Included this Summer?

I am so excited to share with you the first program and credible resource that is designed exclusively for college, high school and middle soccer players.

This summer you will

  • Learn how to build and maintain a strong fueling foundation to help you excel at summer camps and tournaments
  • Turn your fueling plan into a grocery store list to easily navigate the grocery store 
  • Receive 3 months of self guided modules and check ins with your nutrition coach, Reilly. You will learn everything you need to fuel as high level soccer player!
  • Gain access to over 10+ handouts, 20+ downloadable modules and over 5+ hours of video
  • Learn how to craft and individualize your own fueling plan that uses my performance plate framework to allow you to confidently build your fueling foundation in any situation (practice day, rest day, game day)
  • Attend 6 live group Q&A Zoom Calls with Reilly 
  • Built in accountability check-ins with Reilly
  • Fun challenges and prizes throughout (ie: free calls with Reilly)
  • Community and Group Support

I know dialing down your nutrition can be a confusing and challenging journey. You want to fuel properly to maximize your performance but don’t know what information to listen to leaving you frustrated and even more confused.

Coaches, parents and the internet tell you all different things causing further confusion. You are trying to fuel right but you are still hungry, not meeting body composition and still feel tired during training.

You work too hard to feel like this. It’s exhausting and you deserve better. You can learn to fuel properly, enjoy it AND meet your goals!

I am honored and so excited to work with you this summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this course for?

A: This course is designed for middle school, high-school and college soccer players who are serious about maximizing their nutrition this summer to optimize their performance on the field.

Q: What content does the course cover?

A: We will spend the first month your fueling foundation so you know what to eat throughout the day and how to fuel around trainings. After building your foundation, you will learn how to grocery shop for different foods and plan snacks for before/after practices and games in Months 2 & 3. This course follows the same proven format that my 1:1 out of season program follows. 

Q: How long does this program take?

A: The program will run for 3 months long from June 15 – August 15. All materials are downloadable and can be kept forever!

Q: Does this program come with an individualized meal plan?

A: This course includes a generalized fueling plan. There is an additional option for you to receive an individualized plan.

Q: When are the live Q&A sessions held?

The live Q&A session are held every 2 weeks. If you can’t make the session, you will receive the Zoom recording so you can watch. Questions for the Q&A will be submitted before the sessions and additional questions will be answered on the live as time allows.

More questions? Email me at or send me a DM on IG at @reilly.beatty.rd