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What is the Sports RD Academy?

The Sports RD Academy is a community for future and current nutrition professionals interested in working with athletes. We have 2 sports nutrition courses and a FREE sports nutrition community that were designed for individuals interested in learning more about sports nutrition

Why We Created It

Sports nutrition is not common or required in the undergraduate course work to become a Registered Dietitian. It is extremely hard to get access to experience and the right information in sports nutrition. Through the hiring process, we have found that students and new dietitians are lacking the sports nutrition education needed for them to obtain their dream position. Hands on experience in fueling stations and food preparation is necessary but a knowledge gap still remains. We are fixing that problem.

Part 1: The Essential Nutrients Curriculum

Concept introduction 

Part 1: Types of Carbohydrates

Part II: Carbohydrate Metabolism 

Part III: Carbohydrates + Athletic Performance 

Knowledge Check

Concept Introduction 

Part IV: Fueling Strategies – Carb Loading

Part V: Fueling Strategies – Before, During, + After

Part VI: Carbohydrates + Overtraining

Part VII: Case Study – Putting It All Together

Case Study

Concept Introduction 

Part I: Protein Recommendations

Part II: Amino Acids 

Part III: Complete vs Incomplete Protein 

Part IV: Leucine 

Part V: Practical Application 

Part VI: Case Study 

Case Study

Concept Introduction 

Part I: Basics of Fat 

Part II: Fat Recommendations 

Lesson III: Fat and Athletic Performance 

Part IV: Practical Application 

Part V: Case Study 

Case Study

Concept Introduction 

Part I: The Basics 

Part II: Energy Needs 

Part III: Energy Balance Homeostasis 

Part IV: Energy Intake

Part V: Case Study 

Case Study

Concept Introduction 

Part I: Water

Part II: Electrolytes 

Part III: Water Balance 

Part IV: Sweat Rate Testing 

Part V: Dehydration

Part VI: Daily Recommendations

Part VI: Daily Recommendations

Part VII: Beverages 

Part VIII: Case Study 

Case Study

Concept Introduction 

Part I: Nutrient Overview

Part II: Energy Metabolism 

Part III: Antioxidants 

Part IV: Bone Health 

Part V: Red Blood Cell Function 

Part VI: Immune Function

Part VII: Special Considerations 

Part 2: Advanced Sports Nutrition Curriculum

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Meet the Creators

Reilly Beatty


Currently the head of sports nutrition at UCLA, Reilly understands what it takes to fuel to perform your best. Reilly has worked with a variety of athletes from Olympic Athletes to Power 5 Division I athletics to club athletes. Reilly helps athletes re-frame their mindset to focus on the positives of fueling properly and sets athletes with life long success when it comes to fueling for performance.

Reilly additionally competed collegiality at the University of Georgia and North Carolina State University, where she was captain her junior and senior year. This allows her to relate on an extra level with her athletes as she understands the trials and tribulations of being a high level athlete.

Casey Thomas


Casey spent five years working in clinical research before deciding to return to school to become a registered dietitian. He spearheaded the development of a sports nutrition program on campus and completed a thesis project examining cognitive supplements in elite e-sports athletes. He is a published scientific author who regularly engages as an expert peer reviewer, and has been featured in media outlets for interviews about his nutrition strategies.

Casey currently works as the performance dietitian for UCLA Athletics and instructs an Exercise and Sports Nutrition course through UCLA Extension. His unique research background has allowed him to implement protocols that have facilitated significant improvements in body composition, health, and performance among the athletes – assisting several teams to championship victories. He has similarly enjoyed consulting for other sports programs, universities, and businesses looking to gain a performance edge. While Casey has experience working directly with elite level athletes and multiple Olympians, he is also passionate about bringing high level performance nutrition to people simply looking to improve.