PFC Sports Nutrition Coaching Program

The Performance Fueling Club is a program and community supporting athletes off the field to maximize their performance on the field. Athletes in PFC go from under-fueled and confused to confident and energetic on the field.


The PFC Sports Nutrition Coaching program is a 3 month program that combines on-demand resources and live coaching to you feel confident and powerful on the field.

The PFC Sports Nutrition Coaching program fine-tunes your nutrition off the field to maximize performance results on the field. Athletes in PFC report increased energy and performance within days of joining the program.

Not only do athletes meet their performance goals but they accomplish their off-the-field goals as well. PFC athletes are confident in building their nutrition plans without restriction and calorie counting!


Step 1: Join the Program!

The PFC Sports Nutrition Program a 3 month program for busy athletes competing at the high school, college, and pro levels.

Once you join, you will access your private athlete portal with 50+ handouts, videos, modules, fueling timelines, and more! 

Here you will be able to access all of the resources, message me, ask questions in private weekly Q&A, attend member-only live coaching events, and receive individualized support each day. 

Step 2: Access Your Private Platform and Submit Your On-Boarding Paperwork

After accessing your private portal, you will submit an intake questionnaire, 3-day food recall, supplement review form and training day schedule so I can provide individualized support.

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Step 3: Head to The Foundation Content

The base of a good nutrition plan is a strong fueling foundation. In PFC, you learn how to fuel based on if it is practice day, rest day or training day. 

Each section includes the performance plate method, pre/post-training fuel recommendations, hydration, micronutrients, and recipes to eat each day!

Step 4: Receive Feedback & Coaching

You have the following opportunities to receive feedback and coaching

  • Initial 1:1 Consultation with Reilly 
  • Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls (24 opportunities over 3 months)
  • Messenger Support
  • Plate Submit (You submit your plates and I provide feedback)
  • Option for additional private 1:1 sessions

Step 5: Fine Tune Your Nutrition Plan with Advanced Nutrition

After getting down to the basics, start to fine-tune your plan with advanced sports nutrition topics. Here is where you will learn about cycle nutrition, supplements, travel fueling, and more. 

You will additionally have access to example nutrition plans, fueling timelines and a recipe bank!


“Reilly taught me so much about fueling that I never knew about. This fueling program drastically changed the way I play and my life! I am no longer confused about when to fuel and how much to eat before and after training. thank you so much for helping me add to my game. I would definitely recommend this program to any soccer athlete or anyone serious about meeting their goals.”

– Ayla F. (High school Soccer Player)


PFC is Right For You If You Are

  • Doing the work on the field but not seeing the results you want
  • Tired of fad dieting and looking for a program that is science-backed (and built for athletes)
  • Annoyed of following nutrition advice you found on Google but not seeing the changes you want
  • Over calorie counting and restricting food to meet your body composition goals
  • Motivated and committed to doing what you need to do to meet performance goals
  • Sick of obsessing over your fueling and missing out on holidays, team dinners, and brunch with friends
“Originally, I met with Reilly to help my recovery from ACL surgery and lose weight. I made minor changes that were sustainable and blew past my goal within 2 months!”
Marc P.
Soccer Player

“Reilly is the expert in sports nutrition! She helped me so much in college and once again when I turned pro! ” 

– Paul L. (Professional Athlete)

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start doing the right things off the field to maximize your performance on the field!

"My life has changed greatly from working with Reilly. I am gaining more weight and staying healthier. I also have changed my mindset for the better. I am thinking better as I feel better. I used to eat very little and it wouldn’t be distributed equally. I wouldn’t have colors, carbs, and protein, but now I am. It has resulted me feeling great on the field."
Brendan L
High school athlete

“For the past 3 year I struggled with underfueling, due to this my physical and mental health has suffered. However after starting to work with Reilly my life has changed. I have never been in a better place. I am now confident in my fueling choices and food doesn’t consume my thoughts.

I would recommend Reilly to anyone! She creates an environment that is understand and compassionate. In the past, I have struggled to open up about my fueling changes. But ever since my first meeting with Reilly I knew it was a safe space, where I could share, learn and grow.”

-Mackenzie W.

“I am so happy and glad to have broken out from my previous beliefs around my eating habits and mentality. 

I am healthier, stronger and more energetic and I am so excited to see how I will be performing during this upcoming season. To add to that, I was able to enjoy my summer and my time with friends by going out and not feeling guilty about what I was consuming (it took a bit of time at the beginning, but it finally worked). And to this I say, goodbye My Fitness Pal and measuring food on a scale. 

I think my takeaway message would be that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like as long as you’re performing at your outmost best and feeling strong and empowered. Food is not the enemy, but a tool to help achieve your goals. It should complement the effort you’re putting into the sport and not be a factor of anxiety. It is never too late to change things and most importantly not to give up during that period because it might take some time to fully heal.  I am forever grateful for Reilly’s support and guidance!”

– Katya R.