How We Can Work Together!

Whether your goal is to increase your energy on the field or prevent the 3 p.m. afternoon slump, RBSN can help you accomplish it.

At RBSN you will learn how to increase your energy, optimize your health, meet body composition goals, and heal your relationship with food by working 1:1 in our nutrition coaching program.


At RBSN, you don’t just work with one Performance Dietitian but instead work with the entire RBSN team to provide you with a more comprehensive and supportive program.

Working with our team of Registered Dietitians provides you with personalized nutrition coaching support in multiple areas of nutrition.  This helps you increase your energy, maximize your performance results in and out of sport, and heal your relationship with food.

At RBSN, you receive a personalized plan that we tailor and update each week to help you accomplish your goals. Throughout our programs, you will receive individualized coaching with our team of Registered Dietitians on all things sports nutrition, general health, and mindset. We will work through a lot of limiting mindset beliefs that you have around fueling and kick diet culture to the curb. 

Along with the personalized support, you will receive access to our private RBSN app so you can access additional educational content and mindset support on the go!

Who is this Program For?

This program is designed for athletes and active women who want personalized support and accountability with a Registered Dietitian. Our athletes report increased energy within weeks of starting the program. 

You will receive Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

To be the best athlete possible, you need to be the healthiest person possible first. At RBSN, our team helps you with both lifestyle and sports nutrition coaching so you can look and feel your best. At RBSN, you will meet with Jenna and Reilly throughout your program to maximize different areas of your health. Depending on where you are on your journey, we will customize your program to include both areas of nutrition.

Sports Nutrition Coaching

In this area of the program, we focus on optimizing your nutrient timing and overall nutrition to help you maximize performance on and off the field.

Sports Nutrition wins our athletes have accomplished

  • Increased energy in games, practice and competition
  • Overcome GI distress during training/competition
  • REDs/HA recovery
  • Maximize performance during travel
  • Optimized hydration/fueling to stop cramping 

Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

In our lifestyle nutrition section of the program, you will learn build healthy lifestyle behaviors to achieve the weight you want and optimize your health. 

Lifestyle Nutrition wins our clients have accomplished 

  • Weight loss/management
  • Decreasing stress hormones
  • HA/Period recovery
  • Optimizing sleep schedule
  • Consistent and easy meal scheduling


What's Included in Our Monthly Packages?

Our programs are built around 1:1 sessions with a Registered Dietitians.

You can choose to meet with a Registered Dietitian

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Our programs have a minimum of a 2-month commitment. 

These programs include individual sessions, nutrition support, and an individualized meal plan with our team of Registered Dietitians.

You will receive a customized package when you apply for our program.

With access to your Private Client Portal, you will get access to educational videos, rest day/practice day/game day modules, fueling timelines, cookbook recipes and nutrition resources to help you achieve your goals.

Our programs are designed for the busy athletes and active women who are looking for a flexible individualized program that you can access on the go and around your busy training/life schedule. This program provides education and support for those busy individuals.

Package pricing ranges from $299-$899 per month

What Are Clients Saying?

“For the past 3 years, I struggled with underfueling, due to this my physical and mental health has suffered. However, after starting to work with Reilly my life has changed. I have never been in a better place. I am now confident in my fueling choices and food doesn’t consume my thoughts.

I would recommend Reilly to anyone! She creates an environment that is understand and compassionate. In the past I have struggled to opened up about my fueling changes. But ever since my first 1:1 meeting with Reilly I knew it was a safe space, where I could share, learn and grow.”

-Mackenzie W.

“I am so happy and glad to have broken out from my previous beliefs around my eating habits and mentality. 

I am healthier, stronger and more energetic and I am so excited to see how I will be performing during this upcoming season. To add to that, I was able to enjoy my summer and my time with friends by going out and not feeling guilty about what I was consuming (it took a bit of time at the beginning, but it finally worked). And to this I say, goodbye My Fitness Pal and measuring food on a scale. 

I think my takeaway message would be that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like as long as you’re performing at your outmost best and feeling strong and empowered. Food is not the enemy, but a tool to help achieve your goals. It should complement the effort you’re putting into the sport and not be a factor of anxiety. It is never too late to change things and most importantly not to give up during that period because it might take some time to fully heal.  I am forever grateful for Reilly’s support and guidance!”

– Katya R.

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