Nutrition Guide for Soccer Parents & Coaches


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Does your child want to be the best on the field?


Do they have the passion and drive yet something is holding them back from their full potential?


You athlete wants to be the best and FEEL their best. They’re putting their all on the field but are struggling with their needs off the field.

  • Is your athlete unsure of what to eat?
  • Does your athlete feel sluggish and weak during practice?
  • Do they compare themselves to their teammates?
  • Is your athlete skipping meals, splurging on junk food, and frustrated with how to fuel like an athlete?


NOW is the time to help them maximize their fueling and results.

My Soccer Player Guide for Parents & Coaches has all of the information your athlete needs for proper fueling.




The Soccer Player Guide will help your athlete fuel their training & performance. Proper nutrition helps players reach their potential, understand their bodies, and build their confidence! Let’s help them get there.



  • Details on my proven fueling method: Performance Plates
  • How to eat on training days vs. game days vs. rest days
  • Fueling timelines for morning and afternoon practice
  • Fueling timelines for evening practices & games
  • Hydration tips
  • Handouts on how to build healthy snacks & tips for injury recovery
  • Meal ideas
  • Sample grocery and foods for traveling lists
  • And more!!!


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