Sports Nutrition Private Practice Program

The Sports Nutrition Private Practice Program is designed to guide Sports RD’s in building out their private practice. This starter program includes hundreds of resources designed to save you hours on content and program creation so you can spend more time with your athletes, clients, and create a better work-life balance!

What is the Sports Nutrition Private Practice Program?

The Sports Nutrition Private Practice Program is a collection of customizable sports nutrition and private practice resources designed to help you decrease time spent on setting up your private practice, creating and branding content, and social media. The program provides education and guidance on using the resources making it a great option for Registered Dietitians or RD 2 Be who are looking at starting their own sports nutrition private practice.

Who is this Program for?

The Private Practice Sports Nutrition Bundle is designed for Registered Dietitians, RD 2 Be’s and other who are working on setting up their sports nutrition side hustle or private practice. 

What is Included?

  • 15 customizable presentations covering a variety of sports nutrition topics ($1500 value)
  • Over 100 customizable sports nutrition handouts ($500 value)
  • 22+ order forms for pre and post-game meal ($100 value)
  • Example meal plan templates using exchanges and the Performance Plate Method ($100 value)
  • Restaurant and Hotel Educational Resources ($100)
  • Over 20 Fueling Timelines for training and competition days ($200 value)
  • Social Media templates and insight into our RBSN system to plan all of your social content 1 month ahead ($500)
  • Branding worksheets and training ($300)
  • Training on building out your services and how to price your sessions based on income + revenue goals ($200)
  • Example of a 6 week nutrition program for teams, athletes and gyms ($300)
  • Recommendations on EMRs, tools and systems to cut down on hours of admin work ($100)
  • Live Support from the RBSN team through a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and gain advice from other professionals in the field
  • Monthly Q&A with Reilly and RBSN team
  • Private Podcast Episodes on topics related to sports nutrition, business, social media, building and leading an athletic department.
  • CEU opportunities (coming soon!)

Total Value: +$3900

Content is continually updated and added! As RBSN continues to grow, we will continue to update material and share our secrets with you making the bundle even more valuable.

You can start today for only $1999 or 6 payments of $399

Many business coaches and programs provide recommendations on the materials that you need to set up a private practice but don’t provide tangible tools to help you succeed. This results in 

  • Confusion if the material is right for a SPORTS private practice
  • Frustration because building a Sports Nutrition Private Practice is different.
  • Loss of revenue from spending hours on content creation and wondering what to do next

There is a better way. 

Wondering if this bundle is right for you? Send us an email at to chat more!