PFC Student Athlete

The Performance Fueling Club for Student Athletes is a program and community supporting soccer players and other student-athletes off the field to maximize their performance on the field!

Elon played N.C. State women's soccer  team on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at N.C. State in Raleigh, N.C.  N.C. State won the game 3-0.


The PFC Student Athlete online program is a 10 module program and private community that uses easy and simple nutrition to meet your on the field goals.

PFC Student Athlete is designed to help you fine-tune your nutrition off the field to maximize performance results on the field. Soccer players and other student athletes in PFC report increased energy and elevating performance within days of joining the program.

Off the field, PFC athletes are confident in building a nutrition plan without restriction and calorie counting.

Along with an individualized plan and a 10 module program you will have live coaching opportunities and exclusive lifetime access to Reilly through a private Instagram community.

Scroll down for a one time investment option available at a discounted rate


Step 1: Join the Program!

PFC Student Athlete is designed for soccer players and other athletes competing at the high school, college, and pro levels. 

Once you join, you have lifetime access to the materials and the private Instagram community (as long as PFC exists). You will also receive all the new updates of the course.

You have lifetime support and access to a Sports RD. 

Scroll down for a one time investment option available at a discounted rate

Step 2: Access the Coaching Community!

By joining PFC Student Athlete, you will have lifetime access to an exclusive member only Instagram community. Here you will be able to message with Reilly, ask questions in private weekly Q&A, attend member only events and receive special content each week. This is easily the most valuable part of the program! 

Step 3: Build Your Nutrition Plan

Your first stop after joining is the foundation modules to learn about how to build your plan using the Performance Plate Method, the essential nutrients, and more!

Athletes report higher energy levels and increased on-field performance within days of building their nutrition plan with the PPM

IG Master Food Pics

Step 4: Receive Feedback & Coaching

Once you build your plan, you submit your nutrition plan to Reilly for coaching, feedback and customized portions.

This feedback opportunity paired with coaching support throughout the IG account helps provide an individualized experience and accountability to meet your goals!

Step 5: Fine Tune Your Nutrition Plan

After getting down the basics, start to fine tune your plan with new sports nutrition topics. Here is where you will learn about nutrient timing, prevent cramping and learn how to fuel for tournaments/games.

You will additionally have access to example nutrition plans, fueling timelines and a recipe bank!

Scroll down for a one time investment option available at a discounted rate


“Reilly taught me so much about fueling that I never knew about. This fueling program drastically changed the way I play and my life! I am no longer confused about when to fuel and how much to eat before and after training. thank you so much for helping me add to my game. I would definitely recommend this program to any soccer athlete or anyone serious about meeting their goals.”

– Ayla F. (High school Soccer Player)


Best Price

1 Payment of $549

3 Payment Plan

3 Payments of $197

Most Budget Friendly!

6 Payments of $105



PFC Student Athlete is Right For You If You Are

  • Doing the work on the field but not seeing the results you want
  • Tired of fad dieting and looking for a program that is science-backed (and built for athletes)
  • Annoyed of following nutrition advice you found on Google but not seeing the changes you want
  • Over calorie counting and restricting food to meet your body composition goals
  • Motivated and committed to doing what you need to do to meet performance goals
  • Sick of obsessing over your fueling and missing out on holidays, team dinners, and brunch with friends


Yes! You will use the Performance Plate Method in Module 2 to build an individualized fueling plan. You can submit the plan to Reilly for coaching feedback and modifications.

I am confident you will meet your goals! PFC is designed to take you step by step through the Performance Plate Method and help you apply it to all areas of sports nutrition.

PFC is for motivated athletes that are willing to put in the work by watching the modules, attending live coaching calls and asking questions through the private Instagram community.

Yes! There is a 24 hour community forum for you to ask questions. Reilly and team will respond to questions within 24 hours.

Additionally, a live coaching call is held each month for you to come and ask questions with Reilly. 

If you are looking for a more individualized and immersive program, check out my 1:1 individual program for a more comprehensive approach.

You have two investment options – pay in full or a payment plan. If you opt for a payment plan, the price that you joined with is locked in.

As this program grows, the investment will grow as well.

Once you have purchased the course, you have lifetime access to the course materials and private Instagram page!

I cannot guarantee the price will be as low as it is now and you then will need to pay whatever the current rate may be.

PFC does not provide refunds, so I strongly encourage you to read what’s included so you know what to expect!

If you chose to opt in through a payment plan, you will be automatically auto-enrolled in re-billing for 3 months.

Once you are in the program you will have immediate access to copyrighted and proprietary material that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to accomplish your goals on and off the field.

If you have questions about this, please send me a DM on Instagram before joining so we can chat!

The program starts the day you sign up!

The program is designed to take you on your own individualized journey and timeline. New content is released as you continue through the program.

By joining PFC, you will gain access to an exclusive members only Instagram account run by Reilly. Here you can privately DM questions and submit performance plates for feedback.

Additionally, you can attend private Q&As and join member only live coaching sessions through IG.

“Originally, I met with Reilly to help my recovery from ACL surgery and lose weight. I made minor changes that were sustainable and blew past my goal within 2 months!”
Marc P.
Soccer Player

“Reilly is the expert in sports nutrition! She helped me so much in college and once again when I turned pro! ” 

– Paul L. (Professional Athlete)

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start doing the right things off the field to maximize your performance on the field!

Best Price

1 Payment of $549

3 Month Payment Plan

3 Payments of $197

Most Budget Friendly!

6 Payments of $105

"My life has changed greatly from working with Reilly. I am gaining more weight and staying healthier. I also have changed my mindset for the better. I am thinking better as I feel better. I used to eat very little and it wouldn’t be distributed equally. I wouldn’t have colors, carbs, and protein, but now I am. It has resulted me feeling great on the field."
Brendan L
High school athlete