Coaching Program FAQ

What programs do you offer? 

I am currently only offering my PFC on-demand sports nutrition program that combines videos, on-demand modules, fueling plans and sports nutrition coaching. This is an extremely comprehensive and support program that I am confident will help you get to your goals. This program has been in development over the last four years and is a collaboration of all the resources from my work with some of the country’s top athletes. 

What does an on-demand program exactly mean?

This program is designed to be your sports nutrition hub. You have access to over 40 videos, downloadable handouts, 15+ fueling timelines (meal plans for practice and game day), and more. Additionally, you will be able to receive messenger support and submit pictures of your plates for virtual feedback. 

Who is this Program For?

This program is designed for athletes 14-30 who are competing competitively and want an easy and simple approach to sports nutrition. Both male and female athletes thrive in PFC. 

We do include a section on the menstrual cycle in this program since the menstrual cycle is so important to athlete performance and health. Menstruating athletes will be able to track their cycle and learn more about nutritional changes that can be made to maximize their performance and health.

I am considering the PFC program but I heard you do group calls. How will I get individual coaching and resources?

We have a weekly group call (12 calls over 3 months) where you can drop in and ask Reilly personalized questions about your fueling plan. 

Additionally, you will have access to group and private messaging. I know group messaging or calls may sound intimidating but wouldn’t you love to hear about other top level athletes are navigating their fueling?

Furthermore, will receive personalized support based on the on-boarding forms you complete (3 day food log, training schedule, supplement submission and intake questionnaire). I will help guide you through the messenger app and through plate submissions to ensure you meet your goals. 

And last but not least, you can submit your supplements for review and I will review them to ensure they are safe and effective. After reviewing, I will build you out a supplement protocol that will be available on your private client platform. 

If group calls aren’t your thing, you can additionally add on private 1:1 sessions as well. These sessions are only available to PFC athletes and are booked through the PFC private client portal.

How much is the PFC Sports Nutrition Coaching Program? I want to work with you but I am worried about the investment.

I have been working hard to provide a comprehensive coaching program at a competitive price that helps you achieve your goals. I am so excited to be able to share PFC with you. I am confident there are few other sports nutrition programs that provide so many resources, so many calls and so much support at this price point! 

PFC is currently running at a discounted price of $999. To make the program even more accessible it is broken down into a month payment plan (comes out to $333 per month). 

Are meal plans part of this program?

One of the most popular resources are the fueling timelines. These timelines outline how you should be fueling based on what time games and practice are. PFC contains fueling timelines for every single game time from 8 am to 7pm!

How much interaction with do I have with you? Can you explain more about the coaching support?

Each week I host virtual sessions where any PFC athlete can join and ask questions. If you have training during one of our sessions, I will make sure to record your answer and provide you with the recording after.

If live sessions, aren’t your thing then you can always send me a message privately or message the group with fueling questions. You can privately chat with myself and my team through your private client portal.

Your private client portal is where you can additionally upload pictures of your plates for coaching feedback

AND if you aren’t sick of me yet, you always have the option to add on 1:1 sessions for an additional price 🙂

When can I start your program?

I on-board new athletes at the beginning of each month in order to provide the best support to current clients and to help guide you as you are on-boarded onto this program. If you are interested, apply for the program and I will be in touch.

I am interested in this program but between training and my other commitments, I don’t have much time.

This is 100% why I built PFC. Sooooo many of the athletes I work with want access to nutrition resources and want sports dietitian help but its hard to build it into their busy schedules. This is why athletes love on-demand nutrition 

You are able to access your private client platform on your phone and can easily access all the materials while you are on the go. 

Can I enroll a team or club into this program?

Yes!! I offer discounted team and club pricing. Send me a message and I will be in touch!