Sports Nutrition Coaching Program FAQ


What programs do you offer? 

We offer 2 main nutrition resources at RBSN.

1. Most Individualized: 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Programs 

For individual clients and athletes, we offer our customized nutrition coaching programs. These programs are built around 1:1 sessions with a RBSN Performance Dietitian. These sessions come in Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly session options. 

As part of our packages, you will receive 1:1 nutrition support in your calls as well as a private client portal where you can message your dietitian and receive feedback on your meals. Your private client portal also includes educational videos, on-demand modules, fueling plans, and live sports nutrition coaching. 

2. Most Accessible: RBSN Online Library

This collection of downloadable virtual and online resources are designed for athletes who are looking for guides, e-books, cookbooks and handouts to assist them on their nutrition journey. 

How are the Programs Different?

Over the last 5 years our team of Registered Dietitians, has helped over 1000 athletes at the NCAA, Professional, Olympic, and High school levels as well as over 200 active women. We have taken all of the helpful tips and tricks that have helped these individuals succeed and build out different packages based on accessibility and exclusivity. 

Our 1:1 nutrition coaching is our most exclusive program and designed for clients who are looking for consistent 1:1 nutrition support with weekly or bi-weekly calls with their own private Registered Dietitian. 

If you are not yet ready to invest in 1:1 individual coaching, our RBSN Online Library is a great place to check out resources that we use with athletes in our 1:1 programming!

Who is this program for?

Our 1:1 coaching programs are designed for elite athletes and active women who are looking for an individualized approach. All of our programs practice easy and simple nutrition to help you meet your goals. We help both male and female elite athletes in our 1:1 coaching programs.

We do include a section on the menstrual cycle in this program since the menstrual cycle is so important to athlete performance and health. Menstruating clients will be able to track their cycles and learn more about nutritional changes that can be made to maximize their performance and health.

RBSN also specializes in period recovery. In 2023, every single athlete at RBSN was able to regain and maintain a normal menstrual cycle.

Can I just get a 1-time consult? 

I wish we could just meet for an hour and you would have all the answers – but it doesn’t work like that! Over the last 5.5 years, RBSN has helped 1000+ athletes meet their goals with easy and simple nutrition. The athletes that reach their goals the fastest and acheive performance results that they never believed imaginable all have one thing in common – consistency and a strong fueling foundation. 

Many athletes think they can learn everything they need in 1 consultation but then often find themselves lost on game days, when practice changes, injuries, different parts of the menstrual cycle, etc. If you only have time to learn about how to fuel for a 4 pm training session but the practice gets switched to 10 am – you won’t know what to do! 

If you are unsure about making a long-term commitment or not ready to invest in individual coaching, I recommend starting off with our RBSN library resources.

How much are your coaching programs? I want to work with you but I am worried about the investment.

We have been working hard to provide comprehensive coaching programs at a competitive price that helps you achieve your goals. We are so excited to be able to share a variety of services with you at different price points. We are confident there are few other sports nutrition programs that provide so many resources, so many calls and so much support at this price point! 

Our pricing is as follows

  • Monthly Calls: $250-300
  • Bi-weekly Calls: $400-600
  • Weekly Calls: $600-$900

We have many flexible payment plans available. Many athletes chose to build out an individual program that changes every month based on their needs and goals.

Are meal plans part of this program?

Yes! We have two opportunities for meal plans in our program. In our 1:1 nutrition coaching, you will receive an individualized plan from your dietitian.

In our RBSN online library, one of the most popular resources is our set of fueling timelines and template nutrition plans. These timelines outline how you should be fueling based on what time games and practice are. Our fueling timelines resource contains over 20 timelines for practice and games.

Can I use insurance for this program?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept insurance. 

We do offer flexible payment plans and are willing to work with you to build out a program that gives you the support you need within your budget.

I am interested in this program but between training and my other commitments, I don’t have much time.

This is 100% why we have multiple flexible options for you to chose from. Many of the athletes and clients we work with want access to nutrition resources and want sports dietitian help but its hard to build it into their busy schedules. This is why athletes love on-demand nutrition modules and resources available for athletes.

All of our athletes access their private client platform on their phones and can easily access all the materials while they are on the go.

If you are not able to do individual calls on a consistent basis due to your busy schedule, I highly recommend checking out the RBSN library or our variety of group programs we run throughout the year.

I need help with accountability and also ensuring the volume of food on my plate is correct. Is this something you can help with as part of this program?

Yes! For this, I would recommend utilizing the plate submission part of the program. In our individual coaching packages,  you can submit pictures of your plate through the app on your phone. This allows for guidance, accountability, and feedback without calorie counting. 

Plate submission is also offered in the membership program at an additional cost.

I am a plant based athlete. Is this program helpful for people who don’t eat meat?

Yes! We have helped a variety of plant based athletes and athletes with dietary restrictions in the program. You will build plates and use the Performance Plate Method to fuel properly with  foods that match your dietary lifestyle. 

Can I enroll a team or club in this program?

Yes!! We have options for teams, clubs and athletic departments. Send us an email at rei@reillybeattysportsnutrition or use our application to apply.

When can I start your program?

We are currently on-boarding new athletes and clients to meet their goals in our 1:1 nutrition coaching program. If you are interested, apply for the program and we will be in touch.