Sports Nutrition Resources for Professionals

Are You a

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Athletic Trainer
  • High School Sport Coach
  • College Sport Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Or other athletics professional working with college and high school athletes 
without access to a Registered Dietitian or Sports Nutritionist?

These nutrition resources are designed for you to

Have easy access to credible sports nutrition resources

Save time having to build nutrition resources for the department

Increase the care and support available to your athletes

How You Can Utilize the RBSN Library

Get the sports nutrition resources you need to help your athletes!

With all RBSN resources, you have access to our Private Sports Nutrition Community where you can

  • Ask the RBSN team questions about how to confidently apply the materials
  • Participate in Live Case Studies to increase your nutrition knowledge and learn from other professionals
  • Listen to private podcasts with nutrition, business, and social media experts

Sports Nutrition Toolkits for Professionals

Our Sports Nutrition Toolkits are each contain hundreds of sports nutrition resources that are downloadable and customizable to your organization. Every resource available in the toolkits is fully customizable and you receive guidance on how to apply the resource with your athletes.

A collection of nutrition resources designed for support staff working in college athletics.

A collection of nutrition resources designed for support staff working in high school or club athletics. 

Or get started with our

Sports Nutrition Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources for Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches and Professionals working in sports. These resources are built out and ready to be provided to your athletes.

Handouts and Meal Plan Templates

One of our most popular RBSN resources! Includes over 30 game and training day meal plans

From pre workout to travel resources, this resource includes a variety of downloadable handouts*

Get  all 85+ handouts and 20+ fueling timelines at a discounted price.*

Cookbook and Nutrition Guides

Fueling on game day and during travel is challenging for many athletes. This guide provides easy ways for athletes to navigate it to feel their best! 

A comprehensive guide with 50+ pages of basic sport nutrition handouts and recommendations. A great option for those looking to learn nutrition basics.

An easy and simple recipe book for athletes and active individuals. Enjoy 50+ of yummy recipes that RBSN athletes love!

*All RBSN downloadable resources come in RBSN branding by default. Items with an * can be customized to your organization for an additional fee after purchase.

“You are so important to your athletes and we want to help make your job as easy as possible! We hope these resources support your athletes in a positive way and increases the quality of their care while lifting the burden off of you.”

-Reilly & the RBSN Team