Lifelong Athlete Nutrition Program

The Performance Fueling Club for the Lifelong Athlete

A sports nutrition program and community for the fit active adult competing and training. Whether you are a weekend warrior, in a run club or went pro after college, this program will help you achieve the results you want.


The new Performance Fueling Club: Lifelong Athlete is a 10 module program and private community that uses easy and simple nutrition to help you achieve the performance and results you want.

The Performance Fueling Club: Lifelong Athlete (PFC) is designed to help you fine-tune your nutrition in the workplace to maximize your results in the gym, increase energy levels and help you heal your relationship with food.

PFC athletes report life changing results after completing the program.  In less than 2 months, they are confident in building a nutrition plan without restriction and calorie counting.

They have increased energy, elevated performance and mental clarity within days of joining the program.

Along with an individualized plan and a science backed program you will have live coaching opportunities and exclusive lifetime access to Reilly (an accredited Sports Dietitian) through a private Instagram community

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Step 1: Join PFC: Lifelong Athlete

PFC: Lifelong Athlete is a sports nutrition program designed for post college athletes and other active adults training and competing hard! 

Once you join, you will be taken on a 2 month guided experience. After completing, you have lifetime access to the materials (to re-visit whenever you want) and the private Instagram community (as long as PFC exists). You will also receive all the new updates of the course.

You have lifetime support and access to a Sports RD. 

Scroll down for a one time investment option available at a discounted rate

Step 2: Access the Coaching Community!

By joining PFC, you will have lifetime access to an exclusive member only Instagram community. Here you will be able to message with Reilly, ask questions in private weekly Q&A, attend member only events and receive special content each week.

Each Friday, we have fueling Friday where you can submit pictures of your plates for feedback. This interactive and live community is easily the most valuable part of the program! 

Step 3: Build Your Nutrition Plan

Your first stop after joining is the foundation modules to learn about how to build your plan using the Performance Plate Method, the essential nutrients, and more!

Athletes report higher energy levels, better concentration at work and finally see results from their workouts within days of building their nutrition plan with the PPM.

Step 4: Receive Feedback and Coaching

Once you build your plan, you submit your nutrition plan to Reilly for coaching, feedback and customized portions.

This feedback opportunity paired with coaching support throughout the IG account helps provide an individualized experience and accountability to meet your goals!

Step 5: Fine Tune Your Nutrition Plan

After getting down the basics, start to fine tune your plan with new sports nutrition topics. Here is where you will learn about nutrient timing, prevent cramping during races and learn how to fuel to maximize your performance results.

You will additionally have access to example nutrition plans, fueling timelines and a live recipe bank!

Scroll down for a one time investment option available at a discounted rate


“I used to feel hungry 24/7 and Reilly fixed that. I no longer am constantly focused on food. I also have a much healthier relationship with my body and body composition through focusing on fueling for performance instead of being worried about diet culture. I feel so much more confident in my fueling choices than I ever could have imagined! And all that with eating so much more than before I worked with her.”

– Kira B (Ironman Athlete)


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1 Time Payment of $549

3 Month Plan

3 Payments of $197

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6 Payments of $105

PFC Lifelong Athlete Wins

“Working with Reilly was phenomenal! She keeps things fun, but also taught me SO much. Like I’m seriously amazed at how much I learned.

My plate is more balanced, and my mindset has leveled out. I used to spend SO much time thinking about food–what to eat, when, how much, etc. The Performance Plate Method taught me balance with *true* flexbility. I say true flexibility because other programs will boast flexibility when in reality it’s just another form of restriction. I’m more mindful in my relationships because I’m not thinking about food at restaurants, for instance; I’m present with the people I love. My husband even said to me that he sees me having fun and still eating foods I like. Reilly taught me how to fuel for my emotional and social health, not just physical.”

– Kate M. (Recreational Athlete)

“I found Reilly on Instagram and reached out to her after months of yo-yo dieting, low carb, keto, etc. I was not able to maintain any of the “diets” I tried. Reilly and I had our one-on-one talk and she set me up with a meal plan. This meal plan was easy to follow, changed my mindset about dieting and healthy eating. 

Her nutrition plan made my life a lot less stressful and reduced my anxiety when going out with friends. I was losing weight the healthy way, slowly but surely. It’s a lot easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are able to fuel your body like I was with Reilly’s meal plan. 

I was able to surpass my goal that was originally discussed at our first meeting. I was very happy I came across Reilly on Instagram.” 

Kristin W. (Recreational Athlete)

PFC is Right for You If You Are

  • Confused how much fuel your body needs 
  • Burnt out from restriction, fat dieting and calorie counting
  • Frustrated with your lack of results in the gym
  • Often injured or sick
  • Spending hours a day thinking about food
  • Avoiding brunch, dinners out and drinks with friends, family and teammates to meet your goals
  • Struggling with lack of energy through your work day and 3pm crashes 

Begin Your Nutrition Journey Today

Best Price

1 Time Payment of $549

3 Month Plan

3 Payments of $197

Most Budget Friendly!

6 Payments of $105


“Reilly is my go-to for any food and nutrition advice. She genuinely cares about helping you and has so much knowledge in her field. She is always providing me with essential long-lasting tips for a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend her to anyone I know!”
Morgan P
Retired D1 Athlete