The RBSN 1:1 program is our highest support offer. During this immersive 4 month program, you will have 1:1 virtual sessions with an accredited Sports RD, access to your private client portal, receive a personalized plan and all get all the resources you need to meet your goals.

How Does the Program Work?

Step 1: Schedule a discovery call.

During this free call, we get to know each other and discuss your goals to see if we are a good fit with one of our accredited Sports RDs. Based off of your nutrition and performance goals, I will recommend the in-season vs off-season program (or maybe a combination of the two!). 

In-Season Program

For the athlete who wants to

  • Increase energy during training, games and races
  • Confused on what to eat before and after training, games and competitions
  • Maximize their travel nutrition
  • Learn how to meal prep
  • Navigate the dining hall
Elon played N.C. State women's soccer  team on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at N.C. State in Raleigh, N.C.  N.C. State won the game 3-0.

Off-Season Program

For the athlete who wants to

  • Break free from calorie counting
  • Work on mindset around fueling
  • Improve body composition
  • Increase strength, power and fitness
  • Develop healthy habits that transfer to season
  • Injury Recovery/RTP

Step 2: On-boarding and Analysis

  • Complete an intake questionnaire, food log and training schedule.
  • Analysis of your current fueling plan (macronutrients/micronutrients) and blood work (if applicable)
  • Start off with small changes and realistic modifications based off your initial nutritional analysis

Step 3: Initial Fueling Plan

You will receive an individualized fueling plan using the Performance Plate Method.

The Performance Plate Method is the nutrition approach that is used in all of the RBSN programming. It has helped hundreds of athletes meet their goals. 

This plan customizes the PPM to match and modify your current fueling routine. Together, you and your nutrition coach build out your plan to build sustainable habits and include foods you love.

Step 4: Maintenance and Modifications

  • Use the private Practice Better portal to submit plate pictures and message questions to your nutrition coach. 

  • Athletes receive access to PFC 2.0 for additional informational content between calls

Step 5: Meet Your Goals

Athletes report increased energy and higher self confidence with their fueling even after their first 1:1 session!

This immersive and high support program is designed to change your life. As we work together, your goals will change and our team is here to support them!

Schedule your Free Call and Apply Today!

“I am so happy and glad to have broken out from my previous beliefs around my eating habits and mentality. 

I am healthier, stronger and more energetic and I am so excited to see how I will be performing during this upcoming season. To add to that, I was able to enjoy my summer and my time with friends by going out and not feeling guilty about what I was consuming (it took a bit of time at the beginning, but it finally worked). And to this I say, goodbye My Fitness Pal and measuring food on a scale. 

I think my takeaway message would be that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like as long as you’re performing at your outmost best and feeling strong and empowered. Food is not the enemy, but a tool to help achieve your goals. It should complement the effort you’re putting into the sport and not be a factor of anxiety. It is never too late to change things and most importantly not to give up during that period because it might take some time to fully heal.  I am forever grateful for Reilly’s support and guidance!”


– Katya R.

Not ready to commit to a 1:1 program? Check out the Performance Fueling Club (PFC) for a lower cost option to introduce you to fueling properly.