How to Create Realistic Fitness New Years Resolutions

It is hard to believe the New Year is upon us! It is a time for everyone to reflect on their past year and make goals for the next. Do you feel like you achieved the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2023? It’s okay if not, in reality, most people do not meet their resolutions simply because they weren’t very achievable in the first place.

If you are entering the new year with some goals surrounding your health, nutrition, or fitness, we are here to help! We want to make sure you have the best fitness New Year’s resolutions or goals, and this blog is going to tell you exactly how to do it and answer the question of how can we eat healthier as a New Year’s resolution!

fitness new years resolutions

How to Create a Good New Year Goal

There are many different things we like to do when we set a goal. When we think of New Year’s resolutions we usually think big and end goals. We try and guess exactly where we will be at the end of the year we haven’t even started yet. This might be where we fail ourselves from the start. Who knows where we will be at the end of this year, much less in a couple of months or weeks from now?

Things pop up that make our goals harder to reach, that’s life. We have a couple of tips on how to make your goals complete and realistic fitness New Years resolutions that you can actually achieve and it might be a stepping stone to bigger goals you have in the future! 

Make it Specific

When you have a goal in mind like “run more” or “eat healthier” it is hard to quantify exactly what that means. Healthy eating means something different to everyone and someone who runs 10 miles a week running more is a lot different from someone who has never run in their life. 

This is when making it specific can be helpful. If you want to “eat healthier” does that mean increasing your vegetable intake, do you have a deficiency you want to correct, or do you have certain foods you want to eat more of? 

Make it Measurable

Making a goal measurable is super important because you won’t know if the goal is achieved unless you have a way to measure it! This can mean setting a set amount of times a week you want to run, or a number of different colors you have on your plate at one time. 

Make it Achievable

This might be the most important part of making a goal, it has to be realistic! Many of us think that the beginning of a new year can be our turning point, and in some way it can but saying you are going to start something radically different and keep it up is often not realistic. 

When a goal isn’t achievable it can lead to burnout and can cause not even trying for the goal. When we create unrealistic expectations for ourselves it is hard to keep going when we mess up once. 

Don’t let this hold you back but don’t expect to be able to work out 7 days a week when you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow it or want to eat no sweets when the highlight of your day is a cookie. 

Make it Relevent

Making a goal relevant means that it aligns with your values as a person and it is something you can see yourself doing for a long time. The purpose of creating these goals is to create long-term habits, not just a one-time thing to meet your goal. 

Making goals for our health is almost always relevant unless we are constantly restricting ourselves from something. Restriction is never the answer for a long-term sustainable change and can lead to drastic overcompensation in other areas of life. 

Make it Time-Bound

Setting an end date to your goal lets you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it doesn’t have to be the end of next year! We actually would recommend it isn’t. Instead, you can set monthly or even weekly goals so you can adjust based on your performance, how you feel, and what is going on in your life.

Year-long goals are likely to fall through and often forgotten about because it is hard to see yourself doing something for an entire year. Making smaller goals helps you fix that problem while also letting yourself celebrate smaller wins in your journey. 

Some of My Favorite Goals

Here are some of my favorite fitness New Years resolutions going into the new year. This does not mean you need to have these goals, but here are some ideas if you don’t have any! 

  • I will have at least 3 different colors on my plate for one meal a day for the month of January. 
  • I will limit myself to weighing myself once every two weeks for the next month.
  • I will spend 30 minutes every other day doing some type of movement that brings me joy.
  • I will follow the PPM when creating my dinners for the next week.

See, it doesn’t have to be hard and these goals might improve your relationship with food along with other things in your life. When you finish a goal too, celebrate! 


We hope you learned about sustainable goal-making, and we would love to hear more about the goals that you created! These fitness New Years resolutions can be called SMART goals because they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These characteristics make goals much more realistic and can help you do anything you want in the New Year!

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