Cozy Recipes for Winter: PPM Edition

It’s officially soup season! It is finally staying cold and it is the perfect time to take advantage with some cozy recipes for winter. This blog post is going to share three great soup recipes for winter along with how they can fit in with your performance goals!

What is the Performance Plate Method? 

 The Performance Plate Method (PPM) is an easy way to make sure you are getting the macronutrients you need based on your training intensity throughout the day. There are three layouts, Rest Day, Practice Day, and Game Day. They all have different roles and have different makeups of foods that are modified based on your energy needs for the day. 

Rest Day

When to use: Rest day plates are used when you aren’t exercising or your movement is very minimal throughout the day. This does NOT include “easy” workout days or when you may be doing something you see as easy. When you use this plate you are not giving yourself the adequate nutrients, like carbohydrates, for recovery of physical activity. This is also not a plate that should be used when you are trying to gain weight or are in period recovery. 

Rest Day Plate Layout: 
  • ½ plate of fruits/vegetables
  • ¼ plate of lean protein
  • ¼ plate of carbohydrates
  • 2-3 servings of fat

Practice Day

When to use: This plate should be used on any day that you are engaging in training. 

Practice Day Plate Layout: 
  • ⅓ plate fruits/vegetables
  • ⅓ plate protein
  • ⅓ plate carbohydrates
  • 2-3 servings of fat

Game Day

When to use: Surprise! Game day plates can be used for other days than game days. The days you might include these foods would be hard practice days, 2-training session days, scrimmage days, for weight gain, and period recovery. 

Game Day Plate Layout: 
  • ½ plate carbohydrates
  • ¼ plate protein
  • ¼ plate fruits/vegetables
  • 1-3 servings of fat

How to Make a Winter Soup with the PPM

As you can see, there is a plate for every day of your training cycle! When looking at soups and stews that you may be more likely to have during the cold seasons, there are different ways to fit these into the PPM. You can modify different recipes to have more vegetables, or more carbohydrates like rice and potatoes. If you are following a Game Day where you need a high amount of carbohydrates, I would recommend adding a roll or some bread on the side to increase your energy intake! 

Cozy Recipes

Here are some of my favorite warm and cozy recipes for winter!

Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

This Sweet Potato Turkey chili is one of my favorite cozy winter meals! The flavors combine so perfectly and make for great leftovers too! This chili is a great source of color but stil has the protein from the turkey and the carbohydrates from the beans and sweet potato. 

PPM Soup!

Our amazing dietitian Jenna Fisher created a great resource for turning a store-bought soup into a PPM meal. This recipe uses an autumn harvest soup, but it can be replicated with any store-bought soup you would like!

Wild Rice and Chicken Soup

This Wild Rice and Chicken Soup is a great practice day recipe and it can be turned into a game day recipe with the addition of some bread or a carbohydrate on the side. This is also a super easy recipe because it just requires throwing things into a crockpot and leaving it cooking for the day! 

Winter Vegetable Soup

This Winter Vegetable Soup is a great rest day soup. It has an abundance of vegetables but also some carbohydrates in the potatoes and beans. I would recommend adding in some shredded chicken or having a protein on the side with this dish.  

Image from Seasons Suppers


So, as you can see, it is easy to make any dish into the PPM and help it achieve your goals as an athlete or active person. There are three different plate layouts that can be used at different times, rest, practice, and game days. Using these formulas to create your perfect winter soup will help you recover optimally and be ready to train your next session. 

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