Are Energy Drinks Bad for Athletes?

If you’re an athlete who needs an energy drink to get through practice or games, this post is for you. Athletes all over the world use ergogenic aids to meet their performance goals. Caffeinated beverages and caffeine-containing food products are some of the most popular. Though effective, many athletes use these products incorrectly, resulting in …

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Should Athletes Take Creatine?

Creatine is becoming increasingly popular for its performance-enhancing effects in athletes. It is a naturally occurring compound in animal muscle tissue such as red meat, seafood, and chicken. Nowadays, creatine supplements are getting all the hype, and it’s important to recognize if you, as an athlete, might benefit from taking a creatine supplement.  The Role …

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Collagen Supplements for Athletes

Have you heard of collagen before? Are collagen supplements beneficial for athletes? Can they help your performance? Do they help your recovery from training? Advertisements for different collagen supplements have been all over my social media. Collagen is a supplement that has gained quite a lot of popularity within the last year or two. As …

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