Eating Disorder

HA Recovery Signs

A diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea can be scary, but there are ways to recover. Once you begin the process of getting your period back, there are signs that you can look out for that will show you are on the right path. As a Certified Sports Dietitian, I help a lot of athletes with hypothalamic …

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How to Get Your Period Back

As an athlete, you may have heard of others or have experienced yourself losing a normal menstrual cycle. Although it may not sound terrible, it is something that needs to be taken seriously and worked to be fixed.  Getting your period back after you have lost it is a process, and I am here to …

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Can Underfueling Cause Bloating?

Bloating is one of the biggest complaints I hear from athletes. Bloating makes many athletes feel uncomfortable and can affect their body image. Both can negatively affect your confidence and performance in your sport! One way that someone may try to get rid of their bloat is by eating less, but does this solve the …

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