Hey Girl!

I'm Reilly.

A body image activist, sports dietitian, retired college soccer player & unshakable optimist dedicated to empowering you to achieve your soccer goals and succeed at the highest level.

I help girl's soccer players compete at the highest level.

It's time to end the frustration, the confusion and start fueling for the next level

I was just like you. I spent hundreds of hours on the field throughout my playing career. I did not prioritize my eating (fueling). I didn't know any better. I was in a constant restriction/binge cycle and did not even know it at the time. I would snack all day and was constantly hungry but would not eat balanced meals. I was not happy with my body.

I lacked the education that I needed to utilize food as fuel. I did not truly begin to understand its true importance until it was too late. I spent most of my time at North Carolina State University as a Division I soccer player injured. It was not until, AFTER, I graduated did I begin to understand the importance of nutrition. My athletic career was over but I swore to help athletes avoid the same mistakes I made.

Food is fuel and a tool to help you succeed. What I did not realize, until it was too late, was because I was an athlete, it was even MORE IMPORTANT what I ate; how I fueled.

Reilly as Captain in 2013

Special Approach To Every Player

My step by step program is individualized for YOU.
You are different from your teammates.
Your body requires different fueling compared to your male counterparts.
You deserve an individualized approach.
Find out what works for YOU and enjoy it.

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