Achieve Your Performance Goals With Easy and Simple Nutrition

We work with athletes and active women to increase their energy, optimize their nutrition, and heal their relationship with food to maximize their well being and sport performance.



We specialize in helping athletes and active women fuel their bodies properly with a positive nutrition approach. Our programs are education based and focus on establishing a healthy relationship with food.

 Both our Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Nutrition 1:1 coaching programs provide you with individualized nutrition, on-demand resources, 1:1 individual calls with a dietitian, community and private messaging to ensure you always have the support you need throughout your journey. 

This flexible resource allows you to have a Registered Dietitian in your pocket at all times!

1:1 Nutrition Services

Sports Nutrition Coaching

From Olympic to NCAA to high school athletes, our programs increase your energy, meet body composition goals and maximize performance on and off the field. 

Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

Our Registered Dietitians are passionate about helping you achieve your lifestyle and weight management goals while building a healthy mindset and relationship with food.


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“Reilly has taught me to be more confident about choosing our meals to fuel properly. It has been less stressful not to worry about what to eat especially on busy soccer days.

After the program, I feel less stressed about what to eat and confident on the field knowing that I ate the right foods. I know exactly how to fuel my body on game day vs practice day! Reilly is so easy to work with and she knows what she is doing!”

– Megan

“Working with Reilly is the best investment I have ever made in my playing career. Before I worked with her, I was constantly hungry, miserable and so confused on why I wasn’t meeting my goals.

¬†Through our work together, I have stopped counting calories, stopped being hungry all of the time and for the first time (after 20 years of playing) I finally love my body”

– Paige


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Like what you see? We offer sports nutrition and lifestyle nutrition coaching to meet your goals! Our accredited dietitians provide you with individualized plans and support so you can achieve your goals.