Are you a soccer girl trying to make the next level?

Are you trying to…

Eliminate confusion and frustration around food?

Fuel to become a stronger, more fiercer and powerful player on the field?

Learn how to fuel before and after training to maximize your energy levels?

Confidently navigate fueling on practice vs game day vs rest day?

No longer have to guess what to eat before a big game?

Make it to the next level and get to the school you want to? 


Then you are in the right place.

Let’s get it.

It’s time to fuel like the soccer player you are


Hey Girl,

I’m Reilly, a Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist.

I specialize in helping soccer girls just like you maximize performance and break the body image barriers in sport. You deserve more than constantly feeling sluggish, self-conscious, miserable and under-fueled. You were destined for greatness in your playing career and I am dedicated to helping you get there.

I have empowered athletes in the

My Performance Method

Soccer Player Cookbook

Are you tired of wondering what to eat before and after training? Sick of your smoothies being super "icey" . This stops now with my soccer player cookbook!

In-Season Program

I work 1:1 with motivated female soccer girls to hit body fat goals, cycle sync and build fueling habits that benefit your during season

Out of Season Program

Built for elite-level soccer girls who are looking to maximize body composition, build strength, and fine-tune their fueling out of season.

“Originally, I met with Reilly to help my recovery from ACL surgery and lose weight. I made minor changes that were sustainable and blew past my weight loss goal of 10 lbs after 2 months!

After I obtained my desired weight, I worked closely with Reilly to start fueling to build muscle mass

- Jenny