Achieve Your Performance Goals With Easy and Simple Nutrition

Reilly Beatty Sports Nutrition specializes in working with athletes and active women to feel confident in their bodies, reduce stress around food, and navigate change to maximize performance and health. 


So many women will never feel confident in their bodies and optimize their performance because of their relationship with food.

Over-complication of nutrition, societal pressures to be thin, and misinformation hold them back.

Do you Struggle With:

  • Always feeling self-conscious in your body
  • Consistently being stressed around food
  • Finding a food forward nutrition plan free from restriction
  • Low energy at training and games
  • Having a regular period
  • Finding a healthy weight and maintaining body comp
  • Bloating and cramping
  • Constant comparison to those around you
  • Navigating nutrition during a life change (retiring from sport, pregnancy, post-partum)

These feelings are not normal and you deserve better. Together we can find to help you meet your goals.

You deserve to be confident in your body and stress-free around food.

How We Help You Meet Your Goals

We help you feel confident and reduce stress around fueling by providing:

  • A personalized nutrition performance plan to help you confidently get started
  • On-demand education resources to teach you the WHY behind fueling
  • Individual support from a RBSN Registered Dietitian 
  • A community of like individuals for accountability and stability
  • Messaging support to ensure you always have the support you need throughout your journey.

There are 2 Ways to Work With Us

We understand that every athlete and woman is different in their goals and journey. This is why we provide private 1:1 coaching packages and downloadable resource options that provide you with flexible choices based on the support, accountability, and price point to meet your goals.

Reilly Beatty Sports Nutrition Library

A collection of self paced downloadable and customizable sports nutrition resources paired with our private RBSN  community.

Recommended for: 

  • Registered Dietitians & RD 2 Be’s looking for guidance in building a college nutrition department or sports nutrition private practice
  • Sports Professionals who need resources for their athletes
  • Student Athletes

1:1 Private Nutrition Coaching

Our 1:1 programs provide you with concierge support and individualized nutrition coaching from a Registered Dietitian.

Recommended for: 

  • REDs/period recovery athletes
  • Disordered Eating
  • Motivated clients for weight management
  • Active adults looking for support and accountability
  • Athletes looking for individualized timing and nutrition plans

Your Days Feeling Stressed About Nutrition Are Over

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Megan learned how to fuel confidently around training. She saw her playing time double and was named captain senior year!

“Reilly has taught me to be more confident about choosing our meals to fuel properly. It has been less stressful not to worry about what to eat especially on busy soccer days.

After the program, I feel less stressed about what to eat and more confident on the field knowing that I ate the right foods. I know exactly how to fuel my body on game day vs practice day! Reilly is so easy to work with and she knows what she is doing!”

– Megan

Paige stopped counting calories after restricting for 2+ years. For the first time in her career, she was able to enjoy all types of food in her fueling plan stress-free and feel confident with her body.

“Working with Reilly is the best investment I have ever made in my playing career. Before I worked with her, I was constantly hungry, miserable and so confused on why I wasn’t meeting my goals.

 Through our work together, I have stopped counting calories, stopped being hungry all of the time and for the first time (after 20 years of playing) I finally love my body”

– Paige


It's time to feel confident around food and meet your performance goals.