Simple Sports Nutrition for Soccer Players

Hey There,

I’m Reilly, a Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist.

I specialize in helping soccer players just like you maximize performance and break the body image barriers in sport. You deserve more than constantly feeling sluggish, self-conscious, miserable and under-fueled. You were destined for greatness on the field and I am dedicated to helping you get there.

“Working with Reilly is the best investment I have ever made in my playing career. Through our work together, I have stopped counting calories, stopped being hungry all of the time and for the first time (after 20 years of playing) I finally love my body”.

- Paige C.

Are you ready to..

Start feeling confident around food.

Become the stronger, more fiercer and powerful player on the field you want to be

Optimize fuel before and after training to maximize your energy levels?

Confidently navigate fueling on practice vs game day vs rest day.

Take the guess work out of fueling before a big game?

Make it to the next level and get to the school you want to?  

Then you are in the right place.

I help you reach your goals on the field, by prioritizing your nutrition and health off the field.

It’s time to fuel like the soccer player you are!

“I loved that we focused on food as fuel and looking at the ratios for plates rather than strict numbers and calories. It was fun learning how to structure eating around workouts. By the end of the program I wasn’t worried about calories anymore and able to enjoy foods to fuel performance and desserts/other treats when I wanted them!

I absolutely loved working with Reilly. For me this was more than learning to fuel for performance, it was also learning a new mindset around food which made me feel healthy and strong while still enjoying everything I loved (eating dessert, eating out here and there, having fun food on holidays and special occasions). I came to learn what foods and ways of eating make me feel better as an athlete and a person.

Reilly’s constant support meant the world to me and her genuine excitement every time we had a check in was a great motivator. She gave me the tools I need for success on my own going forward, and confidence to overcome a highly-restrictive mindset around food which I had been fighting for years. I will always be grateful for this experience and I consider Reilly a friend who I’m going to continue following on Instagram and keeping up with. Everyone needs someone like Reilly in their corner. So much love for her!”

- Liv Y

I've helped soccer players in the

 “I am so happy and glad to have broken out from my previous beliefs around my eating habits and mentality. 

I am healthier, stronger and more energetic and I am so excited to see how I will be performing during this upcoming season. To add to that, I was able to enjoy my summer and my time with friends by going out and not feeling guilty about what I was consuming (it took a bit of time at the beginning, but it finally worked). And to this I say, goodbye My Fitness Pal and measuring food on a scale. 

I think my takeaway message would be that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like as long as you’re performing at your outmost best and feeling strong and empowered. Food is not the enemy, but a tool to help achieve your goals. It should complement the effort you’re putting into the sport and not be a factor of anxiety. It is never too late to change things and most importantly not to give up during that period because it might take some time to fully heal.  I am forever grateful for Reilly’s support and guidance!”

– Katya